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A big thank you to a number of members for all your patience while we have endeavoured to sort out the problems with payments and unnecessary reminder notices. The National Executive have been working closely with the website provider in an effort to resolve these problems.

Hopefully they will not recur- but please let us know if there are any further payment issues you encounter.

ARLIS UK & Ireland Conference

Catherine Hammond (NZ Chapter)

I'll be attending the ARLIS UK & Ireland Conference in Cardiff, Wales this July supported by their International Delegate award. Would love to know if any other ANZ member is going? Will post a conference roundup on my return.


Vacancy: Archivist/Librarian for Indigenous archival collections

Archivist/Librarian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander archival collections

Dear friends in Arlis/ANZ,

the Research Library and Archive of the Art Gallery of NSW is currently looking for an archivist/librarian to work with our Indigenous archival collections. This is a full-time position for three years. If you know anyone suitable please encourage them to apply. The position is currently being advertised on Jobs NSW

New National Executive

As you are all probably aware, New South Wales chapter has now taken over the National Executive of ARLIS/ANZ. We’d like to offer our thanks to the outgoing Victorians – Judy Nolan, George Leighfield, John Stevens - who have steered us ably through the past four years. The development of the new Arlis/ANZ website has been a major achievement of the past executive and associated working party consisting of John Stevens, Sonja Barfoed, Vicki Marsh, Tanya Wilson, George Leighfield and Judy Nolan. Thanks also to Vicki Marsh and Sonja Barfoed (from ACT chapter) who worked on social media development.

The new ARLIS Executive are:

Elizabeth Little, Chair (National Art School, Sydney); Barbara Rendall, Secretary (Sydney Institute, Design Centre Enmore); Steven Miller, Treasurer (Art Gallery of NSW) and Vivian Huang, Website Editor and Assistant Treasurer (Art Gallery of NSW).

We are looking forward to working together and hosting the next conference here in Sydney in November 2016 – dates to be confirmed! The main conference venue will be the Art Gallery of NSW.


Left to right:  Vivian Huang, Barbara Rendall , Steven Miller and Elizabeth Little. 



Hidden War

Online war exhibition drawn from the Art Gallery of NSW's archive

Hi all,

we have just launched an online exhibition to celebrate the centenary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli. It is based entirely on letters/diaries/objects in our archive. Take a look:


Hopefully it will load correctly on your computer, as some computers have been experiencing a problem with it. Regards, Steven

Thanks to those who replied to the e-list to say they got the newsletter last week and a couple who said they didn't. 
I didn't think to ask for replies because I thought if I got the newsletter myself it would be working. However, it seems not so. I'm not sure why some didn't get it but if anyone of you who didn't get it that are using gmail have you checked the Promotions "tab" and the Social tab as opposed to the Primary tab? 
Also you may have used a different email address than the one on the Arlis/ANZ elist for your Arlis/ANZ website membership.
I wonder if some corporate email systems are blocking emails before they even get to the Spam folder?
Anyone not on the e-list who wants to join please contact John Stevens at  
George Leighfield

We are really enjoying all the blog posts on the Arlis/ANZ site! We don’t have an RSS feed on the site (yet), so in the meantime, please use feedly to catch up with all the posts. You can create a free feedly account and follow lots of blogs (most importantly, Arlis/ANZ’s posts). This is in addition to the weekly newsletter.


ArlisANZ feedly screenshot


To access the Arlis/ANZ blog posts via feedly:

  1. Visit the Arlis/ANZ feedly feed (if the link doesn't show any content, please refresh and try again)
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Kia ora from New Zealand

I just wanted to let you all know that, as a result of the NZ Chapter's AGM (held during the ARLIS/ANZ Conference in Auckland), we will have a new NZ executive in 2015

I am delighted to announce that the Auckland members have taken on the role of the executive with the following office holders:

Chapter Head – Catherine Hammond, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

Treasurer – Caroline McBride, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

Secretary – Jayne Carroll, Fine Arts Library, The University of Auckland

Those who attended the conference will know just what a formidable team this is and we look forward to a lively future for ARLIS/ANZ on this side of the Tasman.

My sincere thanks to the outgoing Treasurer, Fran McGowan, for her great work looking after our members and funds, and to the other committee members Fiona Gray and Victoria Boyack for their support.

My very best wishes to all ARLIS/ANZ members for this holiday season and the new year.


Ngā mihi

Joan McCracken

Retiring Chair ARLIS/ANZ (NZ Chapter)




Dear all

I am hoping all members will get the first newsletter soon. We should be able to change the frequency of the newsletter if necessary.

Hopefully this will replace the e-list if it is successful. One benefit will be that members can check the website for posts even if they have deleted an email that was sent to them. Also it will save the e-list manager's time in maintaining the list. As well, the e-list was not completely functional for all members.

Unfortunately if nothing new has been posted between newsletters a blank newsletter will be sent.

I am not sure if all members who have joined will get the newsletter or only those that have logged in and edited their profile at least once (i.e. those who appear on the site under "our members"). If you haven't done this yet I would like to request that you do this so that the other members in a chapter can see who is in their chapter.