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More information coming soon.


Dear all

I am hoping all members will get the first newsletter soon. We should be able to change the frequency of the newsletter if necessary.

Hopefully this will replace the e-list if it is successful. One benefit will be that members can check the website for posts even if they have deleted an email that was sent to them. Also it will save the e-list manager's time in maintaining the list. As well, the e-list was not completely functional for all members.

Unfortunately if nothing new has been posted between newsletters a blank newsletter will be sent.

I am not sure if all members who have joined will get the newsletter or only those that have logged in and edited their profile at least once (i.e. those who appear on the site under "our members"). If you haven't done this yet I would like to request that you do this so that the other members in a chapter can see who is in their chapter.