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During 2014/2105, the SA chapter of ARLIS/ANZ was relatively inactive. The President and Treasurer, Catherine Kerrigan and Jin Whittington, attended the 2014 ARLIS/ANZ conference in Auckland, New Zealand, where Catherine Kerrigan also presented a paper on Targeted Information Literacy for Art Students, which was well received. Jin Whittington also gave a presentation on the Art Gallery of South Australia Research Library.

Signatories on the chapter’s bank accounts have also been transferred to reflect the executive structure appointed in 2014.

Part of the reason for the inactivity is that, with the closure of the Adelaide College of the Arts library and the Arts SA Research Library, there are now only two dedicated art libraries in South Australia. Also, though Adelaide’s three university libraries have arts collections, university librarians in South Australia are generalist in their approach and have declined to join ARLIS/ANZ. This situation is likely to remain this way for the foreseeable future.

As a catch-up from 2014, changes to the executive were made at the chapter's 2014 AGM.  Ann Mather stepped down as President and became Secretary, Catherine Kerrigan was appointed President and Jin Whittington remais Treasurer.

At the 2014 conference, Catherine Kerrigan agreed to be the chapter's social media delegate on the ARLIS/ANZ Facebook page.

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As noted in our previous annual report, the SA Chapter has only two active members due to the state now having only two dedicated art libraries and no interest from the state's university libraries. With respect to the university libraries, the University of South Australia continues to reduce its physical collection so its arts collection is now considerably smaller.

SA Chapter President, Catherine Kerrigan, was awarded an ARLIS/ANZ travel grant to attend this year's conference in Sydney, where she will present a paper on artists libraries.

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Catherine Kerrigan