Arlis/ANZ Journal

Following on from a task highlighted at the last AGM, Arlis/ANZ Journals have been scanned so they will be available in digital format. NSW Chapter chose the free online platform Issuu. As you can imagine it is a labour intensive process. So far two issues of the Arlis/Anz journal have been uploaded; they are on preview with a basic setup for free publishing. The images of the artworks have been blocked to prevent copyright issues.

Here is a link to one of the journals:

If the journal is not showing up, please do a title search (ARLIS/ANZ Journal) and they should appear on the screen.

Thanks to Vivian Huang for her assistance with this task.

Once all the journals are up we will be looking into a way of embedding links into the Arlis/ANZ website.

Barbara Rendall

NSW Chapter Secretary