NZ Chapter Travel Award - $500 towards Canberra conference travel

We welcome applications from members of the Aotearoa New Zealand Chapter by Friday 20 July 2018.

ARLIS/ANZ NZ Chapter Travel Fund Guidelines

Purpose: The ARLIS/ANZ NZ Chapter Travel Fund has been established to enable the New Zealand Chapter to make annual grants to promote professional development of, and communication between, art librarians and to strengthen and promote the Society in New Zealand. To this end, awards may be made to assist attendance at an ARLIS/ANZ meeting, seminar or conference within New Zealand or Australia.


1. Applicants must be personal or institutional members of ARLIS/ANZ of twelve months' standing and resident in New Zealand.

2. Members intending to apply should submit an application in the prescribed form at least two months before the meeting or seminar, and at least three months before a conference. Late applications will not be accepted.

3. The NZ Chapter Committee will make a decision and announce the results at least 6 weeks before a meeting or seminar, and at least two months before a conference.

4. Members of the NZ Chapter Committee are not eligible to apply for the travel fund in the years they hold office.

5. The NZ Chapter Committee may seek additional information from an applicant prior to granting an award.

6. An unsuccessful applicant may resubmit their application for another meeting, seminar or conference.

7. The decisions of the ARLIS/ANZ NZ Chapter Committee shall be final and no correspondence regarding them shall be entered into.

8. ARLIS/ANZ NZ Chapter Committee reserves the right to make no award if no suitable application is received.

9. The successful applicant should submit a short report on the conference, meeting or seminar to the Committee Chair within a month of attending.

10. In making an award to attend an ARLIS/ANZ conference, preference may be given to a member who has not had the opportunity to attend on a previous occasion or who has had a paper accepted for that conference.

11. Awards may be used to supplement funding from other sources but details of such additional funding must be included in the application.

12. The recipient of the award may not receive a further NZ Chapter Travel Fund award within three years. Value: Up to a total of NZ$500 may be awarded on an annual basis (subject to availability) either in one lump sum or as several smaller amounts.

Application form: please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy.

Submission of applications: Applications should be submitted to the Chair of the ARLIS/ANZ NZ Chapter no later than Friday 20 July 2018.