Membership of Arlis/ANZ is open to individuals for $35AUD per annum and to institutions for $70AUD per annum.

All members can post blog articles on the site unmoderated and have access to member-only information and posts via their login.

A weekly newsletter to be emailed to members which includes new posts is in development. Beware it may be treated as Spam so please check your spam folder from time to time. Meanwhile you may ask to join the google e-list by contacting John Stevens at

Another way of keeping up with Arlis/ANZ posts is to create a free feedly account to follow blogs including the Arlis/ANZ blog. 

To access the Arlis/ANZ blog posts via feedly:

  1. Visit the Arlis/ANZ feedly feed (if the link doesn't show any content, please refresh and try again)
  2. Click on individual blog posts (as you would on the original site)
  3. If you’d like to follow the Arlis/ANZ feedly (plus any other blogs of your choosing), hover at the left and select “Log in”.
  4. Use google, facebook or other credentials to log in.
  5. Click the +feedly button on the top right to follow all Arlis/ANZ blog posts

Members are eligible for a discount on registration for the biennial conferences and can apply for travel grants to assist with attending these.

Each chapter organizes events such as visits to exhibitions for which members may be subsidised.

Individual members can vote at AGMs and up to 2 members from each institution can also vote.

Members can suggest projects and request funding for them.

Membership runs from 12 months from the date of registration.

When a new member registers they are given a login and then must log in and edit their profile to be listed on the site. The amount of information they provide on the site is flexible.

Institutional membership provides the person registering with a member login. This person becomes the contact person for the institution and is mentioned as this on the institution's listing on the Arlis/ANZ website.

The contact person should then ask the National Treasurer for coupons for free further individual registrations for other staff at your institution. Each of these members will be listed under their own name on the site.

If the contact person wishes to be listed under their own name then they must also register with one of these coupons as an individual member but they must use a different email address to the one used in the institutional registration.

Payment is via paypal directly from their paypal account or with a credit card (creating a paypal account is not necessary for the latter) or via eWay which is another secure credit card payment option.

For institutions where an administrative officer wishes to pay the registration fee but does not want to be the contact person then they should register using the contact person's name and email address etc.

For more information about how to register please contact the National Treasurer.

Provides you with a member login. Members can post unmoderated and have access to member-only information on the site such as AGM papers. Some posts may be for members only.


Provides the person registering with a member login. Contact the Treasurer for coupons for further logins for your institution. All members can post unmoderated and have access to member-only information. 

PRICE: $70.00 AUD</str